Thomas Sappington House

The Thomas Sappington House is located in Crestwood, MO close to the intersection of Big Bend Blvd and Sappington Road. The house was built in 1816 and was built for Joseph Sappington, who was an early influential figure in the St. Louis area. The Sappington family was very large and the patriarch of the family was John Sappington. He had 17 children, although Joseph Sappington was not one of those children, but most likely a cousin. The house is a historical landmark because it is one of the five pioneer houses built around the Crestwood area before 1820.

The house if made from logs, face east, and is two stories tall. The house has been altered many times in its history, but was mostly restored to its original state in the interior in 1953. The house has 3 log rooms and each have their own chimney.

You can visit Sappington house during the year and their are multiple buildings on the site and a small lake you can sit and relax around. It is also situated right next to Grant’s Trail, which is a very popular bike path that spans across south county St. Louis. There is a restaurant located at this spot as well, called The Barn, which has great food and drinks.

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