The Most Overlooked Muscle in the Shoulder

The most overlooked muscle in the shoulder is the Serratus Anterior. This is because it doesn’t actually attach to the shoulder, but the shoulder blade.

The Serratus Anterior begins at the inferior rib cage and attaches to the shoulder blade on the anterior surface of the medial border (see picture below). What this muscle does it is guides the shoulder blade around the rib cage and upwardly rotates the shoulder blade. As you learned from my last email, upward rotation of the shoulder blade is crucial to avoid injuries in the shoulder, especially the rotator cuff muscles.

Why is the Serratus Anterior so commonly weak? This is because it is super common for us to have poor control over our lower rib cage, and if we don’t stabilize our lower rib cage via our abdominal muscles, then the serratus anterior doesn’t have a stable base to pull off of, and we will use a different method to control and upwardly rotate our shoulder blade which won’t be as good and cause overload injuries.

Getting the serratus anterior to function properly takes a very specific approach, but fortunately it can be done. Here is a video of the exercise I use when I need to get the serratus anterior working. And when the correct treatment protocol and corrective exercise are used we can not only get you out of pain quickly but correct the underlying cause of your problem at the same time! This is how you get results that have staying power.

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