Get Relief From Plantar Fasciitis with Shockwave Therapy!

Shockwave Therapy has been proven to be very effective in treating Plantar Fasciitis. There have been multiple studies done on Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis, and one showed 92% improvement in pain after just 2 treatments!! That is fantastic because after treating people with Plantar Fasciitis for over 13 years now, I have seen how difficult Plantar Fasciitis is for you to deal with and how it can not go away for years!

My name is Dr. Justin Hill and I have added Shockwave Therapy to my arsenal of treatments to help people with chronic Plantar Fasciitis. Most people with Plantar Fasciitis are tired of injections that don’t help and want to avoid surgery, which is risky and there is no going back once you cut the plantar fascia. Watch my video below on how Shockwave Therapy is used for treating Plantar Fasciitis and what Shockwave Therapy does to help finally heal Plantar Fasciitis so you can be rid of this problem!

So if you are looking for a solution for your Plantar Fasciitis that is Non-Surgical with a no down time for your recovery, give us a call at 314-230-9044 to schedule your appointment today!