Services We Provide

We provide all the services to treat spine and joint pain all under one roof.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments treat joints that are tight or stiff and contributing to their pain. The adjustment restores the motion to that particular joint, which reduces pain and improves function. Sometimes the joint will “pop” and sometimes it won’t, when it does it is just a pressure release from the joint being tight.

Active Release Technique

Dr. Hill uses ART when a patient has a muscle that is too tight or stiff and is causing pain. The muscle being treated is put under tension by the doctors contact, and then it is stretched under that tension to normalize its length. This can help treat pain by correcting the muscle if it is causing pain, or by removing the tension that particular muscle is putting on the joint it is affecting, allowing the joint to function properly again.

Graston or IASTM

When muscles are too tense for a long period of time, the connective tissue or fascia can get restricted. This technique uses a stainless-steel tool with multiple edges on it to treat the fascia that is causing the patient’s pain by rubbing or sliding the tool over the patient’s skin to effect tissues underneath the skin.

Dry Needling

This technique uses Acupuncture needles to treat painful spots by the needle going into the muscle, ligament or tendon. Dr. Hill uses this treatment when his other soft tissue treatments listed above are not giving the patient the result he/she desires in the proper time frame. This treatment can be pretty uncomfortable, but it also can give very quick pain relief.

Corrective Exercises

Dr. Hill utilizes the philosophy of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or DNS, created by Dr. Pavel Kolar of the Czech Republic’s Charles University, School of Manual Medicine. What makes DNS different is it treats the whole body as a connected system, not separate parts. The focus is on proper spinal stabilization through intra-abdominal pressure and using certain body position to get precise muscle activation. Most of the exercises are isometric holds, so you are holding a position and not actually moving the body. This trains the stabilizing muscles, which is what need to be trained. The brain should select the proper stabilization pattern, called centration, and if the pattern is incorrect you will load your joint and muscles improperly and that can lead to injuries.
Dr. Hill also utilizes MDT or McKenzie protocols to treat pain, most commonly in the neck and low back. This technique utilizes end range joint movements and mobilizations to get a patient out of pain quickly and sustainably. This technique is a must for any provider who treats spine pain.

Exercise Videos

Please follow the following link to my YouTube Channel where you will find all my exercise videos. I also have many more short videos of exercise on my instagram account @dr.justin.hill.

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