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nick nevois1 review 2 months agoMy first experience with a chiropractor was with Dr Hill and it was great. Took the time to diagnose my back and hip pain. He thoroughly explained the process and gave me exercises to work on at home. Felt better after each appointment. He will be my first call if I have joint pain again. Do not wait or deal with the pain. He can help. Thanks Dr Hill.

Madeleine Angles3 reviews 3 months agoI had a great experience with Dr. Hill and the staff. From the medical perspective, Dr. Hill explained the process of recovery very clearly and outlined each step. He’s a great listener and cares about what you say. From a patient perspective, I loved being welcomed by my first name and the promptness of the appointments. I never had to remind him of the problems I was having. You barely have time to sit in the waiting room based on the way the appointments are scheduled. As this was my first experience with chiropractor, I could not be happier with the outcome. The process is lengthy, but it’s worth it to be out of pain.

Jaime Johnston1 review 3 days agoDr. Hill’s chiropractic expertise has helped me with my plantar fasciitis pain that I’ve had for 6 months and now I feel like there is an end to my pain. Thank you Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center.

Ben Allen1 review 6 months agoI have suffered low back pain for nearly 10 years and tried many different treatments. After my initial meeting with Justin, I immediately felt better, and was able to swing a golf club better than I had in years. He is a great chiropractor and an even better guy.