You Must Get Through the Phases of Healing!

To finish this series on why pain and phases of healing are different, I am going to give you a very common example.
The best way to know that pain and healing times are different is how quickly you can sometimes get someone out of pain but then their pain can come right back. How is this possible if pain and healing times are the same? Simply put, once you are out of pain your body still has to finish the stages of healing for whatever tissue was injured, which can be weeks to months.

This is why it is so important to get someone out of pain quickly, so they can start working their way through the healing process as fast as possible. This is also why it is so important to continue your rehab exercises and lifestyle modifications once you are not seeing a doctor like me anymore. You have to make sure you heal your tissue heals so it isn’t so easy to exacerbate or reinjure.

I hope this email series has helped you understand the difference between pain and the phases of healing. I think it is an important topic to discuss because it is confusing for patients. A lot of my patients will feel a lot better even after just 1 or 2 treatments, but then their symptoms will be really up and down based on what they are doing in their lives and how it effects their injury. Knowing that the patient still has to get through the healing process and that is most likely why they are feeling some mild symptoms helps me know NOT to treat them too much and that time is what they need while not irritating their injury. It also gives peace of mind to the patient that just because they still have some pain, their is not something we are missing or something bigger wrong with them. They have to get through the phases of healing and pain doesn’t tell us exactly where they are at in that process, pain just tells us what the body is tolerating at that time and what to avoid.

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