National Museum of Transportation

Located in Kirkwood, MO, the National Museum of Transportation is a private museum which spans 42 acres and was opened in 1944. The museum displays, restores, and preservers all kinds of different methods of transportation including; cars, boats, aircraft, locomotives and train equipment. The museum is best known for its classic train displays which speak to the history of the the expansion of our country.

One of the unique aspects of the National Museum of Transportation is the West Barretts Tunnel. The tunnel was built in 1853 and was one of a pair of tunnels to that were the first to operate west of the Mississippi River. The tunnel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The museum was able to take possession of large, unique railway equipment due to it having its own active mainline of railroad that used to be the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which is now Pacific Union Railway. A miniature railway operates Thursday through Sunday in the summer months around a loop of track near the parking lot of the museum to show people was travel used to be like when trains were in large use.

Among the many fantastic preserved automobiles, there is an original Ford Model T and Chrysler Turbine Car. There is a Missouri River Towboat and tow airplanes, a C-47 Skyline and T-33 Shooting Star. As for the classic locomotive equipment the museum houses, a Aerotrain Number 3, The Whale which is the the largest tank car ever built, and EMD FT #103 which was the first F-unit built making it a National Engineering Landmark.

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