National Museum of Transportation

National Museum of Transportation

Located at 2933 Barrett Station Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122, the 42-acre National Museum of Transportation is a private, family-owned transportation museum. Visitors can experience a wide variety of vehicles in this hands-on museum. While the museum’s permanent exhibits focus on the development of the automobile, the museum also offers exhibits on airplanes, trains, and cars. The interactive exhibits offer a unique insight into the history of the transport industry. Click for website

The museum is a must-see for any transportation enthusiast. The museum features one of the largest collections of old trains in the country. This collection includes more than 70 locomotives. There is also an automobile center featuring rare vehicles. There is a large collection of historic fire engines, along with planes and boats. A miniature train rides through the main exhibits. The National Railroad Hall is a favorite among children.

The museum has two car collections. In the Earl C. Lindburg Automobile Center, you can view more than 200 cars. You can see a 1907 St. Louis motor carriage, a Bobby Darin “dream car,” an impressive collection of historic fire engines, and more. You can even ride a train in a replica! It’s a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon or evening.

In addition to the car collection, the National Museum of Transportation also has many exhibits featuring transportation vehicles. A collection of over 200 items includes the oldest automobile in the U.S., the 1901 St. Louis Motor Carriage Co., and the first model of a Chrysler turbine car. The entire museum is worth the trip. The Museum also has interactive displays that encourage early learning. It’s a must-see attraction for the whole family.

There are also many opportunities for children to experience mechanized transportation and train equipment. The museum is open daily and is open to the public for a fee. During the summer, the museum has a special car show on Saturdays and Sundays. During the winter months, the National Museum of Transportation is closed. The park is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. The opening day of the museum is Thanksgiving.

The Museum of Transportation is a must-see attraction in St. Louis, Missouri. The Museum has a unique collection of mechanized transportation. More than 70 locomotives from various eras are on display. It also has a museum for historic cars, fire engines, and ships. A train ride is one of the best ways to explore the city. This historical landmark is open every day of the year from 9am to 4pm. Article to read here