Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden is located in South St. Louis City, very close to Tower Grove Park. The Garden is also known as Shaw’s Garden as Henry Shaw donated the land and founded the Garden as one of his many works as a philanthropist. The Garden was founded in 1859 and is one of the oldest botanical institutes in the United States and is a historical landmark.

The Garden is an oasis in the city of St. Louis and includes a 14 acre Japanese strolling walkway, a Climatron geodesic dome conservatory, a children’s garden, a pioneer village, a playground, a fountain area, and a water locking system very similar to the Panama Canal. Henry Shaw’s original 1850 home is still on the premises as well.

The Climatron geodesic dome is the first used as a greenhouse in the world. It was designed by Thomas C. Howard and contain lowland rainforest plants that add up in total to about 1500 different species.

There are many different gardens at the Missouri Botanical Garden which include: Tower Grove House and Herb Garden, Gladney Rose Garden, English Woodland Garden, Friendship Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Boxwood Garden, Strassenfest Garden, Biblical Garden and Ottoman Garden. All these different gardens comprise the whole botanical Garden with many different walkways, flower bed, sculptures and other structures throughout the land.

Each year the Garden host many festivals from cultural origins all over the world. During these festivals, different botanical cultures are showcased as well as cultural arts, crafts, foods and music. Two of the larger festivals are the Japanese Festival and Chinese Cultural Days.

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