The name Lemay has a long history dating back to Medieval France. The name originated from a family that was born in the month of May, which was considered lucky in those days. This was a great time to be born since it signaled the beginning of the growing season. Originally, the village of Lemay was located in the arrondissement of Vervins. Eventually, the family moved south and settled in the Languedoc and Aquitaine regions. The city was formed in Poitiers. Many major roads run through this neighborhood such as Gentry Avenue, Lemay Ferry Road, Telegraph road and Hoffmeister Avenue.

Lemay was originally named after a pioneering family from Carondelet. The family operated a ferry across the Meramec River. In 1909, the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad built a station here. However, the name was not officially adopted until the 1930s. It was formerly known as Luxemburg, and before that, as Point Breeze. In the 1960s, Lemay Comprehensive Plan Longwood was adopted and the name was changed to Lemay. The population was over 2,000 and the community had a thriving business sector.

The Lemay census designated place was incorporated in 2010. It is located in the St. Louis County and has a zip code of 63125. The area is about 15 minutes south of Downtown St. Louis. The community has many roads, including the Missouri Highway 270 and the Interstate 55. Other roads leading into the city include Lemay Ferry Road, Reavis Barracks Road, Union and South Broadway/Kingston Road.

The community was renamed Lemay after the Lemai family started a ferry service across the Meramec River. In the early 19th century, the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad built a station in Lemay. Until the 1930s, the town had several names, including Luxemburg and Point Breeze. The first community newspaper was printed in 1893, and Lemay Comprehensive Plan Longwood was incorporated in 1936. In the 1960s, it merged with a neighboring community, forming a single, cohesive community. Learn more about us

The community has many schools, including an elementary school, middle school, and a high school. The Hancock Place School District includes a public kindergarten, middle and high school. In addition, there are several parks in the area. The Sylvan Springs Park in Lemay is 520 acres of parkland. In addition, the Lemay Park also features a nine-hole disc golf course, playgrounds, and pavilions. A spray fountain play area makes the town even more enjoyable.

There are many historical landmarks in the area. In addition to the National Register of Historic Places, the community also has the Jefferson Barracks. This historic base was established in 1826 to replace the nearby Fort Bellefontaine. In 1832, the military soldiers of the barracks participated in the Black Hawk War. Today, the cemetery is one of President Lincoln’s first 14 national cemeteries. The town is home to a large number of museums and historic sites.

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