Knee Pain in St. Louis

If you or a loved one is suffering from knee pain in St. Louis, you know that can be life altering. The uncertainty of getting good treatment and the rehab process is something that can keep you up at night.

Its hard to know whether or not you have a minor injury that is caused by overuse or something that is more serious that could require surgery.

The good news is that once you understand the usual core causes of knee pain and instability, you can actually do something about it with some very simple and inexpensive treatments. Once you understand what is actually causing your knee issues, you can also do a lot to avoid the things that caused it (and get your body over the issue before it becomes a long term problem).

While some common knee injuries do require surgeries and long term rehab, its important to know about the type of knee injuries that are common. Understanding how Chiropractors have been able to help people in St. Louis can save you a lot of money and most importantly keep you off the surgeons table.

Knee Pain Treatments in St. Louis

Over the last 12 years in practice at Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center, we’ve focused our office on helping people in our community beat knee pain and instability. While some offices focus on being a “catch all” provider, we have been dialing in our procedure for helping patients who suffer from a few specific ailments.

After working with hundreds of people who have been afflicted with knee pain, we’ve developed a treatment protocol that is specifically tailored to you. Because of this focus we’ve developed a gentle and medication free Knee Pain Treatment Protocol that has been very successful.

Our Special Treatment Protocol uses a combination of Gentle Knee and Hip Joint Adjustments, Supportive Kinesio Taping, Specific Soft Tissue Mobilizations, as well as a Focused personal Home Rehabilitation program.

The Careful Combination of these treatments can help you stop the unhealthy processes that are going on in your knees before they become an even bigger issue. Our Pain and Instability Treatment Protocol works so well because we help your body overcome the processes causing the pain and instability as we help you make the muscles around your knee even stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does your office require x-rays or Advanced Imaging? We do not X-Ray or use Advanced Imaging on all of our patients. If, after an exam is given, the Doctor requires further imaging to make an accurate diagnosis, he will recommend that at that time. We only believe in doing advanced imaging when it is absolutely necessary to make a diagnosis.
  2. Does your office accept my insurance? We accept a variety of insurance coverage. We can confirm your benefits the day of your new patient appointment before you leave so you will know what coverage you have and what your cost will be. We are completely upfront and transparent about our fees and your insurance coverage, we want no surprises when it comes to cost.
  3. How much does it cost? Every patient has a different condition and because of that each patient will have a different treatment plan. We will always explain the cost before we do anything that you have to pay for and we will assist you in payment options if necessary. We would be happy to talk with you on specifics about cost at any time via phone or in the office.

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