Jefferson Barracks Military Post

Jefferson Barracks Military Post is located along the Mississippi River in Lemay, MO. It is the oldest operating military installation west of the Mississippi river. It opened in 1826 and was active until 1946. It was a very influential base for many wars including Mexican-American War, the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. It is now used as a base for the Army and the Air National Guard. A VA Health System and Cemetery are also located on the property.

In 1826 many of the commanders of the Western Department of the Army were searching for an upgraded location for a military base and found it at Jefferson Barracks. It was named Jefferson Barracks in honor if Thomas Jefferson. It was also designated the first “Infantry School of Practice.”

In the Civil War, Jefferson Barracks was used as a hospital for both the Union and Confederate Soldiers as well as a recruitment depot for the North. During and before WW1, the base was used for the first experiments in aviation parachuting. The first person to successfully parachute from a plane was done at Jefferson Barracks. Jefferson Barracks was decommissioned after WW2. Today it houses the largest brigade of the Missouri National Guard.

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