How much does it cost to see a Chiropractor?

Cost depends on a couple of issues. First, does the Chiropractic office accept insurance? If the answer is yes, then the cost will determine on your insurance benefits. Each insurance is different when it comes to the copay, deductible, co-insurance, etc. We accept most insurance plans and we take care of all the insurance billing for our patients. We can almost always check your insurance benefits live during your first appointment and we are completely transparent with our fees on the very first day. We want no surprises!!

Second, how much treatment does a typical patient need? This of course depends on your injury and what it will take to correct it. Everyone is different, but what I can tell most patients is that after 4-6 treatments my patients are typically 50-80% improved with their pain. We do not believe in long treatment plans that have prepaid fees and our patients pay as they go, at each visit where they receive treatment.

Lastly, what is your insurance doesn’t cover certain treatments that you need? About half of the medical insurance companies have strict limits to their Chiropractic benefits. If you have one of these insurance plans then we usually charge a fee of $25 for any and all services that are not covered by your insurance. We want to make treatment assessible to as many people as possible while still getting paid correctly for the value of our services. An example of a service that is not commonly covered is soft tissue therapy, which almost every patient needs to get better quickly, so a small fee is charged so you can receive this necessary treatment and we can be paid for doing the treatment that is not covered.

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