How long does it take and how often will I need to be seen?

There is a stigma out in the public that once you start going to a Chiropractor you never stop going. This is false. Many Chiropractors are still pushing this faulty narrative by telling patients they need a year long treatment plan that costs thousands of dollars and then they will have to come every 2 weeks for the rest of their lives. If you see a Chiropractor who tells you this, run for the hills!

Each patient is different in their needs and it is always based on their particular injury. Some issues take longer than other to correct. A great example is a nerve injury in the spine, these take longer to heal because nerves are the slowest tissue in the body to heal. In our office we tell patients that we expect you to feel 50-80% improved in the first 4-6 treatments (2-3 weeks) and if you are not improving that much, we will find out why by either ordering imaging studies or referring you to a medical provider for co-treatment.

We like to start our patients at 2 treatments per week so we can get their pain levels down as fast as possible. Usually 2 treatments per week lasts for the 2-4 weeks and usually by then most patients are feeling so much better that we begin to ween them off treatment and teach them how to take care of themselves.

Our goal is to teach every patient how to take care of themselves so they are not reliant on treatment to feel their best. Some people will feel better being seen on a once per month basis, but we do not push this on our patients, we leave it up to them to decide if they feel better when they see us regularly or not. An example is Dr. Hill treats his wife every 2 weeks because she feels better when being treated this often. We are here to help our patients in whatever way they want to be helped!

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