Grant’s Trail

Grant’s Trail is located in St. Louis, MO and it is a favorite biking and running mix-use trail during the spring, fall, and summer months. It begins in Kirkwood, MO right next to I-44 and spans about 10 miles almost to the Mississippi River. There are many landmarks along Grant’s Trail including Grant’s Farm, Sappington House, and Grant Historic Site. The animals, including the famous Clydesdales, at Grant’s Farm can be seen mile running, walking, or biking along the trail.

The trail used to be a railway until it was converted to a mix-use trail, so it is flat and easy to run, bike, inline skate, or walk. St. Louis has a large running community and many of the runner’s train for their upcoming marathons and other long races along Grant’s trail due to its flatness and ease of use.

In the summer months it is not uncommon for thousands of people to be out on the trail all throughout the day exercising and enjoying the sites of the trail.

In 2020, the trail was extended an additional 2 miles to connect with the River Des Peres Greenway. Grant’s Trail is part of a larger River Ring, which is a growing 600 miles network of interconnected trails and on-street bike routes throughout the St. Louis region.

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