Does the Hip Control the Knee?

The Knee is controlled by the muscles at the Hip. To properly treat and Rehab knee pain, you must look at what’s going on at the Hip!

When a person presents to a doctor’s office with knee pain, the most common diagnostic procedure is some form of imaging study, x-ray or MRI. The doctor want to look at the knee itself, but doesn’t ask why the knee is injured. The knee is most often an innocent bystander, while the hip is the major problem. You can do all the right things to help someone with knee pain, but if you don’t correct the problem at the hip, you won’t fully correct their problem and it will come right back.

The hip joint controls what happens at the knee because the Gluteal muscles control how the femur or thigh bones moves. You don’t want excessive hip adduction or internal rotation (see picture below), or the knee with get overused and begin to hurt eventually.

So, the big picture is you have to look at the whole patient and how their whole body is functioning, regardless of what injury they have. Each body part contributes to the whole when it comes to stabilization, and the hip plays a major part in why a knee will begin to hurt. My rules are treat the local tissue that are causing the pain while you are correcting the cause of the problem which is normally NOT at the sight of pain. Then you but a corrective exercise plan in place to help correct the true cause of the patient’s problem that they can continue to work on once I have released the patient from my treatment.

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