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There are many different types of doctors who treat spine and joint pain in the healthcare system. Almost all of those doctor are medical doctors and their primary treatments are drugs and surgery, which is not usually the correct avenue to begin treating spine and joint pain. Very few patients who present to a doctors office with spine and/or joint pain need surgery and most drugs only block symptoms and can have side effects. What if there was another way to treat spine and joint pain?

As is turns out, there is another way! But, it takes a different approach for diagnosis and treatment. Spine and joint pain is most often caused by a mechanical problem, which means the joint is stuck, tight, or not moving properly. You can treat a stuck joint with medication!! Usually there is muscle imbalance associated with the mechanical joint problem, which will also have to be addressed at the same time. But once the proper diagnosis is made, then treatment can ensue and usually you will feel better quickly!

Joints that are stuck or slightly shifted out of there center position do not typically have any findings on x-rays or MRIs. This confuses most medical doctors because they believe diagnosis of spine and joint pain should be seen on an imaging study. However, the latest medical literature stated to not even order imaging studies until after 4 weeks of treatment for neck and back pain!! What this tells us is that there are lots of false positive findings on imaging studies and that arthritis in joints is now considered gray hair and wrinkles, or natural aging of the joint. Physical examination and ROM testing is much more valid in diagnosis of spine and joint pain than imaging studies, unless there is a very specific set of symptoms and very specific tests are also positive, then imaging can be warranted early in a treatment plan. Here is a video of Dr. Hill explaining more about mechanical pain:

Dr. Justin Hill, Top Doctor for Back and Neck pain, explains Mechanical Pain

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Justin Hill has the training necessary to properly diagnose the mechanical problem behind most spine and joint pain. He also is trained in all the different treatment techniques to correct the joint and muscle dysfunction that is causing your pain and also provide you with the corrective exercise program as well so your problem doesn’t just come right back! If you are suffering from spine or joint pain and your treatment isn’t working, don’t hesitate to call our office today to see if Dr. Hill can help!!

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