Chiropractor- Treating Spine and Joint Injuries without Surgery

Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center is located just a little south and east of Valley Park, MO.  We specialize in treating spine and joint pain without drugs and surgery.  Injuries occur from tissue overload, sometimes all at once, but most commonly over a long period of time where you don’t even notice any changes are happening until BOOM! you have a major injury.  Once this injury occurs, it must be treated correctly based on whether the pain is mechanical or chemical.  You know which one it is because if you use anti-inflammatory medication it will either help a lot or not at all.  If the medication helps, it is a chemical pain problem.  However, most injuries are mechanical pain.

Dr. Justin Hill has been using his 3 pronged approach to treating mechanical pain and been having great results.  He uses chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue releases, and corrective exercises to treat the the pain and allow the body to heal, delivering long lasting results.

If you are suffering from an injury that is not improving and you have been told surgery is your only option, then don’t hesitate to call our office today to see if Dr. Hill can help!

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Valley Park is a suburb of St. Louis city located along I-44 about 10 miles from downtown.  Valley Park is where I-44 and 141 intersect and the Meramec River runs along just north of the city.  Valley Park is a small city but has many great parks and outdoor recreation for all ages to enjoy.

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