Chiropractor- Treating spine and joint pain in Mehlville without Surgery

Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center is located close to the city of Mehlville, just North and slightly West along I-270.  We specialize is treating spine and joint pain without drugs and surgery.  When a person is injured, their body must be given the opportunity to heal correctly, and the majority of the time the body must be changed for this healing to occur.  If your only treatment is to cover up the pain with drugs that have side effects or have surgery, then many people are left to suffer.  But there is another solution!

Dr. Justin Hill has been treating spine and joint pain with his combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation and corrective exercise and getting great results for his patients.  The above combination is where the magic happens because it is the only way to truly change the body, allowing the body to heal and have the pain go away and stay away.

If you have been told that surgery is your only option, then don’t hesitate to call our office today to see if Dr. Hill can help you get your life back!

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The city of Mehlville is located due south on I-55 from downtown St. Louis where I-55 intersects with I-270.  Mehlville is part of the Mehlville School District.  Dr. Hill’s wife grew up in Mehlville!

One of the large attractions in Mehlville is Jefferson Barracks, where there is a park, historical museum and cemetery which honors military heroes who have passed away.  The VA hospital is also on these grounds.  Mehlville is a great community to raise a family!

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