Chiropractor in Concord who Treats Spine and Joint Pain

Sunset Hills Spine and Joint Center is located right next to Concord, just south on Lindbergh at the intersection with Gravois.  We focus on treating pain without drugs and surgery, filling in the missing gap in healthcare.  No doctor other than a Chiropractor is trained to treat mechanical pain, which is pain caused by joints that are stuck, discs that are shifted out of their central position, muscles that are tight and tendons/ligaments that are injured.  If you are in pain and medications have not helped and your doctors are telling you surgery is your only option, we may have another solutions for you.

Dr. Justin Hill has been treating pain with his hands on approach since 2009 and has had success with many injuries that would have otherwise had surgery.  When the proper treatment protocol is used, patients can feel better fast and get their lives back!

Don’t hesitate to call our office today if you are suffering and don’t want to have surgery!

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Concord is a city located in south St. Louis County. It is mainly located around the intersection of Lindbergh Blvd and Tesson Ferry. There are many great restaurants in Concord, including Joey B’s, which Dr. Hill’s brother in law works at!

Dr. Hill also works out at the Xist Fitness that is located in Concord Shopping Center. A recent addition to Conord is Fresh Thyme, which was a much needed grocery store focused on organic and natural products.

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