Why Choose Us?

Dr. Justin Hill Chiropractor in St. Louis

Because we get Results!

Most people do not even realize our type of treatment exists! Most spine and joint pain can be treated without expensive drugs that have side effects and without surgery that can be high risk and still not fix your problem. When the proper treatment protocol is used, your recovery can be quick and you can be back to doing all the activities you love to do!

We perform all the services under one roof to treat spine and joint pain. Dr. Hill uses Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation and corrective exercises in combination to effectively treat conditions that do not improve unless you take this very specific approach and get to the root cause of the pain. When you address the root cause of the pain, you get better quickly and stay better so you can get back to enjoying your life!

About Dr. Hill

Dr. Justin Hill St. Louis Chiropractor and Family at Christmas

Dr. Justin Hill graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2009. Before that, he attended the University of Missouri. He grew up mostly in central Florida, but moved back to Missouri when he was in high school. Dr. Hill had a low back injury while he was in high school and he had to miss 2-3 weeks of his basketball season. He actually got adjusted by a Doctor of Osteopathy, not a Chiropractor, and that same doctor showed him exercises that really helped his back recover and stay pain free. Since then, Dr. Hill has had a passion for helping people with similar issues and has dedicated his life to helping people get pain free and stay pain free.  
Dr. Hill is married to his wife Leslie and has two little girls, Callie and Lily. When Dr. Hill has free time, he enjoys playing golf and watching his Missouri Tigers basketball team.